About the Author

Sarah_Mandell-2013I’m Sarah Mandell, the author of Celia on the Run. I’m also a professionally trained artist and worked for 7 years as an interior designer in the field of commercial architecture before going full time with writing and running my small indie craft business called Once Again Sam, where I make and sell recycled leather jewelry and quirky fiber art. I have no credentials to be an author, just the intense love of a good story.

I live in the upstate of South Carolina with my husband Josh, who makes me laugh like no other, but I grew up in Maryland for the most part. Before age twenty, I had traveled thousands and thousands of miles, thanks to frequent and fantastic family road trips. As an only child, having all that time in the back seat of the car while quietly watching the world go by, gave me a lot of practice using my imagination. That’s where my first interaction with fiction occurred – in my head, not in books.

Things that inspire me include anything having to do with turn-of-the-century circus stuff, people living on the fringes of culture, and old family portraits of folks I don’t know and have no relation to. I love playing loud music in the car but living in a quiet house. I love plain food (the stuff second-graders love), but complex and confusing art. I love books, but only if the ending is unexpected and bittersweet. I love to write.

My handmade jewelry and what I like to call “Felted Curiosities” can be found at www.onceagainsam.com.